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Welcome to Wild Brockley!
A site which shares and celebrates a love of cooking and of eating fresh food, particularly when its grown or foraged.

Why are we writing it?

The summer of 2011 was a bumper year for fruit, and as we both had time on our hands, we couldn’t watch all the produce rot on the ground. So we started making preserves from fruit picked on our local streets, gardens and parks in our area of South East London. We had such fun picking, making and of course eating it all, then our friends wanted to buy our jams, jellies and chutneys and so Wild Brockley was born.

Elisabetta and I have been friends for years through various creative activities and have both lived in Brockley, part of inner London Lewisham for even longer.

Elisabetta was born in Italy where she had her first taste of living of the earth, as her grandparents where self sufficient and grew all the vegetables themselves, made their own wine and kept animals. Later she moved to Switzerland where she spent her time roaming the local forests and learning about botany. She moved to London in the 80’s and helped set up a restaurant in Kilburn, where she designed the menu. Fay Maschler, praised her crème brulee as the best in town. Elisabetta has an eclectic and experimental approach to food.

Moira’s love of food was passed down to her by her mother, so much so, that she trained as a chef over 30 years ago and worked for several years including a stint at Prue Leith’s Notting Hill restaurant. However, dishing out food night after night didn’t satisfy her love of creativity, so she left catering to follow other paths. Being made redundant in 2009 forced her to re-evaluate her priorites and combined with finally having the kitchen of her dreams, (designed by her) it seemed like the perfect time to reconnect with her love of food.

So we hope you join us on this journey of discovery, of great recipes, fantastic flavours and phenomenal preserves!

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